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Meet my brilliant wife! And other news!

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Meet my brilliant wife! And other news!

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She got the call: rain_herself has been accepted into the doctoral program in clinical psychology at Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. Actually it's even better: she applied to two programs there as backup, and they ended up calling her before the acceptance email because she got into both and they needed to know which she preferred. This is because she is so clearly brilliant and wonderful and amazing in every way, and I am so ridiculously proud of her it's taking superhuman effort not to hit the caps lock as I type this because OKAY MAYBE I'LL HIT IT FOR JUST A LITTLE BIT AAAAHHHH! I love you, girl! *tacklehugs*

The slightly less happy portion of this news is that the good people of MSPP need an enrollment deposit, and it is large. This is happening at around the same time that we're planning on moving (shooting for June 1 on that, still looking for a place), and money, sad to say, is still not an infinitely renewable resource. To that end, I have a fundraiser planned that I'll be unveiling on Monday, involving music, and material unavailable anywhere else, and awesomeness, not necessarily in that order. Watch this space!
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